Tuesday, June 6, 2017

In case you missed the last game, you'll enjoy reading this:

The girls had their second and final playoff game at Medomak yesterday on a wet and dreary afternoon. We had lots of family and NCS staff cheering us on during the exciting game. Many of the girls were nervous and scared as we warmed up and started the first inning, but as soon as they got into the game, the jitters died down a little. 

The game was intense and there were a few nervous errors for both teams, but the game was also filled with outstanding moments offensively and defensively. Katelin seemed to be the trigger to get our bats going. With two outs and a strong hit into left field, she started a rally of five hits in a row that earned our team 3 runs in the first inning. Many of the girls had powerful hits and aggressive base running to help our team fight. 

Defensively Hayley, Paige, Payson and Annalee were standouts yesterday. With 15 strikeouts, Hayley pitched one of her best games of the season. Paige caught a ball in right field that could have rallied Medomak, but instead ended the 6th inning. At second base, Payson made a difficult catch and a quick throw to third to catch a Medomak player off the base and secure the double play. Two different times Annalee fielded balls in left field and hit Payson as the cutoff who made amazing throws to third base for the out. 

With all of those outstanding plays, I'm sure you are wondering how we lost the game! I did the same--all night...and continue today--but for all of our amazing feats, the other team had similar plays. In the end, sometimes it really gets down to who has the last at bat...it wasn't us. 

It was a good season and after a few tears the girls were laughing on the bus ride home. Today the girls are talking about next year; they are resilient!!

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