Saturday, January 31, 2015

Announcing the 2015 NCS Geography Bee Winner

Congratulations! Tamara B., grade 8, is the NCS school champion of the Geography Bee!   Fourth grade student Isobel P. was runner up.  (Mara is pictured at left holding the globe and Isobel is third from the right.) This is the first, important hurdle in the National Geographic Geography Bee, an annual competition.

Eleven scholars participated in the Geography Bee on Thursday, January 29 in the gym.  Students first held a preliminary contest within their classrooms for the honor of representing grades 4-8 before a live audience (staff, student body and a few welcomed guests).  Participants were: Isobel P. and Alden H. (grade 4); Isaac P. and William S. (grade 5); Scott P. and Quinn H. (grade 6); Nathan T. and Riley M. (grade 7); Mara B. and Brendan W. (grade 8) and Jalen H. (CAL, grade 8).  Mr. Parcher was the moderator.  Judges were Mr. Williams and Mrs. Stiles.

Next, Mara will take a written test. If successful at that level, she qualifies to compete in the State Geography Bee in April. That winner goes on to represent Maine at the National Geographic Geography Bee held later this spring. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lions Boys Basketball--Champions!

The NCS Lions won the Small School Busline League Championship!   (Details will follow.)

The Champions were led back to school with a police escort, a parade of families, firetruck and another police escort behind them on Center Street.   There was definitely some happiness and excitement in Nobleboro tonight!

Way to Go Lions! 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Basketball News

Congratulations to both NCS basketball teams on great seasons this year!

The girls basketball team wrapped up their season January 22 as they faced #1 Woolwich.  Their final playoff game was exciting, well played, close and exactly what a finals game should be!  Great job Coach Brown on your winning season and for giving the girls a great sports experience.  They had fun during the season, as well as improving their game along the way.

On January 22, the boys team won their South finals game vs. Wiscasset and will move on the the North/South Division Championships. They will face Searsport, who have won the North division.  The winner of that game will be the Busline League Small School Champion for 2014-2015.  Thank you, Coach Hatch, for a successful sports season! 

UPDATE:  The North/South Division Championships will be held Wednesday, January 28th at 3:30 at Wiscasset High School.  


Friday, January 16, 2015

From Mrs. Hassett, NCS Principal

Have you seen the article about Nobleboro Central School in the Lincoln County News this week?   We are proud of our learners.   Here is a link to the article: Lincoln County News Article

Later this month, families will be encouraged to complete our annual survey.  This is an important opportunity for you to give input about how we are doing.  We use the information to reflect on our practices. Your feedback is valuable to us.

On Tuesday, January 20th the teachers at Nobleboro Central School will spend the morning learning about some new technology tools to use with students. In the afternoon we will be using results from NWEA tests and other assessments to see where our students are in relation to the standards. 

As you may know, both basketball teams have had strong winning seasons--boys 11-0; girls 10-2--and we are excited for playoffs next week.  

Go lions!


Long Weekend Coming . . .

We're back into the rhythm of school after the holiday break.  We've packed a lot into the past two weeks--academics, basketball, after school activities, outdoor recess. Have you read the article about our junior high students' round table discussion with the LC News?   

Looking ahead, here are some things to keep in mind for the rest of January:   
  • We have a long weekend ahead.  There is no school on Monday and Tuesday, January 19th and 20th.  Monday is a national holiday, Martin Luther King Day, and Tuesday is a teacher workshop day for AOS 93.
  • Playoff season:   Congratulations to Nobleboro girls after winning their first playoff game yesterday.   The next playoff games are on Tuesday, January 20th.  They are both home games.   Girls play first @ 3:45 and the boys first playoff game is at 5pm.   We hope you'll come out to support our teams!  Go-go Lions!

  • It seems most everyone here loves winter recess--when it's outdoors.  Snowpants, boots, mittens, etc. are necessary gear to be able to play in the snow during recess and for K-5 that is much more fun than staying on the pavement.   Please be sure that your child comes to school equipped for the cold and snow because most days K-5 students do go outdoors.
  • Also, when we return next week, the Lincoln Academy Chorus will stop by NCS for a presentation.  LA's chorus is inspiring; we are often pleasantly surprised and proud to see how many former NCS students stay involved in music at the high school level.
  • NCS will hold its Geography Bee is on Wed, January 28th at 1:40 in the gym.   Two representatives are chosen from each Grade 4-8 class to participate in the bee. This is the first step in the National Geographic Geography Bee held throughout schools in Maine and the rest of the country.
  • Coming up in February:    A grade 3 skating unit begins in PE; students participate in the MYIS survey (letters have been sent home), 100 Day, Performance Night and winter after school activities are on the schedule.   See the parent calendar on our web page for more information.
Enjoy the long weekend with your family!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Thank You Note from Grade 6

Dear Donors,

Thank you so much for donating to our classroom fundraiser, Change-4-Change. The total amount of money we collected was $308.01.   This means we were able to raise enough money to donate 16 ducks, a goat, two rabbits, a livestock share, and money toward clean water.

Change-4-Change is a fundraiser that the 6th grade class started to raise money for the poor in Africa.   The things we provided them with came from an organization called World Vision.  World Vision provides all sorts of helpful things like clothing, food, clean water and supplies.   

We really appreciate your donations to help the poor in Africa.   


Basketball Season at NCS

Congratulations to the NCS Basketball teams on their GREAT regular seasons. The boys finished in first place and the girls in second place for the South Busline League. Now we are beginning playoffs.

The girls have a playoff game today, Thursday January 15 at 3:45, vs. Woolwich B.   It's a home game.  


Because of today's girls playoff game, there is no boys practice this afternoon. The boys will play on Tuesday, January 20th.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Welcome 2015! After School Activities

Everyone seems to agree that it feels good to be back at school after an extended break.

Here's some NEWS for the new year: Kieve After School Activities are back at NCS beginning this week!

Dave Berndston and Zoe Nahatis, Educators in Residence at Kieve, began visiting our school last week.Zoe and Dave (pictured at left) have been helping out around the school and becoming familiar with our students during lunch and recess.They are ready to begin after school activities this week beginning January 12th. Zoe and Dave will offer activities for three separate age groups: 1st-3rd grade, 4th-6th grade and 7th-8th grade students.  

After school activities will be 2:40-3:40. Parents should arrange to pick student(s) up at 3:45. The schedule is a little different than in past years, hopefully to allow more children an opportunity to try out an activity. See the link with your age-specific group for exact dates. The first offering--ARTS & CRAFTS for 4th-6th grade students--is on Monday, January 12th. Click on the links below to sign up:



GRADES 7 & 8