Saturday, January 31, 2015

Announcing the 2015 NCS Geography Bee Winner

Congratulations! Tamara B., grade 8, is the NCS school champion of the Geography Bee!   Fourth grade student Isobel P. was runner up.  (Mara is pictured at left holding the globe and Isobel is third from the right.) This is the first, important hurdle in the National Geographic Geography Bee, an annual competition.

Eleven scholars participated in the Geography Bee on Thursday, January 29 in the gym.  Students first held a preliminary contest within their classrooms for the honor of representing grades 4-8 before a live audience (staff, student body and a few welcomed guests).  Participants were: Isobel P. and Alden H. (grade 4); Isaac P. and William S. (grade 5); Scott P. and Quinn H. (grade 6); Nathan T. and Riley M. (grade 7); Mara B. and Brendan W. (grade 8) and Jalen H. (CAL, grade 8).  Mr. Parcher was the moderator.  Judges were Mr. Williams and Mrs. Stiles.

Next, Mara will take a written test. If successful at that level, she qualifies to compete in the State Geography Bee in April. That winner goes on to represent Maine at the National Geographic Geography Bee held later this spring. 

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