Friday, November 18, 2016

Grade 6 -- Water!

What are you thankful for? Most kids are thankful for games or toys. The sixth graders at NCS are thankful for good food, housing, family, and so much more. We are also thankful for the clean water that we drink every day.

Sadly, people in South Sudan don't have access to clean water like we do. After reading the novel A Long Walk To Water, by Linda Sue Park, we realized how important this problem is. Many people, like Salva Dut, a refugee from South Sudan, noticed that his family and friends needed medical attention from the contaminated water that caused their illnesses. Salva was a “Lost Boy of Sudan,” due to the civil war going on in his country from the 1980-1990s, and traveled miles for years on end, until he reached a refugee camp in Kenya. He was then sent to America, where he was notified about his sick father. After visiting his father and seeing him so ill, he decided to do everything he could to improve this situation, including starting his organization, Water for South Sudan, based in Rochester, New York.

Water for South Sudan drills wells in South Sudan and other African countries, so people have clean water to drink. That's why we, the sixth graders, are trying to raise money to support the Water for South Sudan organization! Help us help the people of South Sudan, and don't forget, every penny counts!

We have collection cans at school at the office window, and the sixth graders will be going around collecting donations from the other classrooms.

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Thank You!
The 6th grade classroom.

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