Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thanksgiving Feast Details

A few BIG thank you's are in order even BEFORE the Thanksgiving feast:

  • Thank you to all K-4 families for responding to our invitation. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!  K-2 families should be in the lobby by 11:25 to give you time to go to your K-2 class and pick up your child.  Gr. 3 & 4 students will arrive in the lobby at 11:30 to meet parents any time 11:30 on.
  • If you offered to contribute a favorite dessert or beverage (water or cider), we very much appreciate your kindness and generosity.  Please leave your items at the office either today (Thursday) or at the beginning of the morning tomorrow (Friday).   If you will be expecting your serving plate to be returned, please tape your name to the bottom.
  • Mrs. Mercer and Mrs. Instasi have been busy preparing for a delicious, seasonal meal. (Actually, we are thankful for the tasty food that they provide daily.)
  • Several classrooms have made table decorations.   Staff and student servers, the 8th grade set up and clean up crew, under the direction of Mr. Brown and Mrs. Stiles, are instrumental in this year's effort to bring a festive meal to students and K-4 families. Thank you!

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