Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Parent Information

Maine Law requires that schools keep attendance records and also to be mindful of whether an absence is excused or unexcused.   An excused absence falls under one of these categories:  

  1. illness
  2. medical appointment that could not be scheduled outside of the school day
  3. a pre-approved planned absence
  4. observance of a religious holiday, when it falls within school hours
  5. a family emergency.

The request that a parent/guardian confirms the absence meets state requirements. The 9:00 am time is something our school has established as a way of making sure your responsibility is met, and we've accounted for it.  This helps families and schools protect from truancy.

Honestly, we are happy to hear from you.  You may email the school ncourville@aos93.org (cc'ing the teacher is also helpful) or call the office 563-3437.  It's okay to leave a message if the voicemail kicks in.  

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