Friday, May 1, 2015

Grade 8 BE A LEARNER Project

How tech savvy are you? Student BAL projects are available to you using Augmented Reality! Students researched 3 inventions from different time periods. Their final assignment was to create a new invention and sell their idea to classmates. Follow the instructions below to view the video presentations created by the students.

Step 1 - Download the free LayAR app for the iPad, iPhone from the App Store, or from GooglePlay for Android phones and tablets.

Step 2 - Open the LayAR app. Hold your tablet or smartphone in front of the computer screen to center the class picture. Next, tap the screen with the guides framing the image. After a moment or two you will see the students faces come to life on your device!

Step 3 - Once scanned, tapping a student's face will bring up a video presentation of that student's invention.

Step 4 - When finished viewing a video, tap the close button in the upper left corner and you can hold your device over the image and try another.  Sit back and enjoy the shows!

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