Sunday, April 12, 2015

This week: April 13-17th

Natalie makes a straight line curve.
Looking ahead:
  • MONDAY--Lifetouch Spring Pictures.The proofs will be available in the office later this spring and if you're family is interested, you may purchase a package. No pressure!
  • Grade 6 will go to the FARMS kitchen on Monday, April 13
  • Spring Athletic Parent Meeting Monday, April 13, 5pm
  • School Board Monday, 6pm
  • Grade 4 continues swimming Wednesday afternoon, April 15
  • Jump Rope for grades 4-6 at 7:30 am on Thursday, April 16
  • Chess Club's last celebration meeting is Thursday, April 16. 
  • Please check the sports or family calendar for Jr. High baseball/softball practices. 
  • Some students may have MEA makeups this week. Staff and students are encouraged to get rest and eat breakfast.  :)
Thank you to everyone involved in Nobleboro Nonsense on Friday. Donors, organizers, food preparers, the 8th grade class, and especially the GUESTS made NPTO's Nobleboro Nonsense a great success!

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