Sunday, December 7, 2014

Preparing for the coming week--December 8-12

Families and friends:

Here are some things to remember about the coming week:

  • NPTO Book Fair in the library (before and after school) Monday, Dec. 8-Friday, Dec. 12.   Monday is class preview day, and then we'll be open for business right before school begins in the morning and at dismissal.   The book fair will also be open before/after this week's concert.
  • Thursday, December 11, 6:30 pm is the WINTER CONCERT.   We'll have an art show in the halls that evening too.   Students have instructions about what time to arrive. Basically, students singing with their classes should arrive in their respective classrooms at 6:15 pm. Band students should arrive at 6 pm and go to the music room to warm up.  We hope your family will be able to attend this special NCS event!
  • Speaking of warming up, it's FRIGID out today and I am reminded to mention that students should come to school prepared to be outdoors at recess time.   For young students, that means boots, hats, mittens, and snowpants.  These items are a must if they want to play in the snow.
  • Away basketball games on Monday.   Home game on Wednesday.   Always check our website for changes/additions to sports news.
  • Friday, December 12:  Report card day.   Students in grades K-4 bring home paper report cards.   Students in grades 5-8 see their trimester 1 grades online.   Parents of students in Grades 5-8 have access to this information through Powerschool.   If you need help in figuring this out, please be sure to call the office this week.   We'll be happy to assist you.
By the way, the sixth grade made Mancala games in Art (pictured above).  Awesome!

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