Thursday, October 30, 2014


Cheyenne, Madalyn, Paige, Izzy, Anna, Ashly, and Will enjoyed a day of making music with other 5th & 6th grade students at the Elementary Honors Music Festival on October 25. The young musicians spent many hours singing, playing instruments, and moving to music before performing for a large audience of families and friends. The festival was sponsored by District 3 of the Maine Music Educators Association. 

  * * *

We have a huge event happening at NCS after school on Thursday, November 6.  Our school will host the auditions for the District 3 7th and 8th Grade Music Festival. 

Many students in grades 5-8--including band and chorus--are planning to be hosts at that evening.  Ms. Preston is busy making plans.  If you have questions or would like to help, please contact Ms. Preston directly by email or by calling the school, 563-3437.

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