Thursday, October 30, 2014

DRA Getaway

written by Bryce, Joel, Mara, Kayleigh, Noah, Dakota (a first person DRA experience)

On Friday, October 17 the seventh, eighth, and CAL students traveled to the Damariscotta River Association to gain knowledge of the history of humans of previous times and how they survived. One of the teachers, David (known as N'Tapot in Passamaquoddy), taught us about how his family lived in what is now Northern Maine/Canada and how he learned to make birch bark canoes. He also told stories that his elders told him to learn life lessons.

David's great grandfather was the last known birch bark canoe builder. The students learned about what was safe and what is not recommended to eat. We, as students, received the opportunity to dig up groundnuts. One student created a "deadly weapon" with only needles and an old milkweed branch that can pierce through a tire and the wilderness around him. 

Students were divided into two sections; one group went with Sarah, and the other group went with David, and then they switched leaders. Sarah’s group walked the property and gained knowledge about making wigwams and what the Native Americans ate when they got themselves into a bind and scavenged for any available food to survive. The second group learned about how David's family had a legacy of canoe building. 

When asked, "What did David teach you about patience and family?" One fellow student, Noah, replied, "Patience is worth it afterwards." Finally, the last question, "Do you find anything to relate to on this adventure?" Rachael, said,  When David talked about patience with certain things, I understood."

The students of Nobleboro had a lot fun learning about David's life, how to make wigwams and more. Every single one of the students came back from that trip knowing something new. 

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