Monday, January 16, 2017

Grade 6 has a Dream!

  • We have a dream that one day the struggling women of the world can live in peace, without being controlled by terrorist groups who are willing to harm them.
  • We have a dream that women like Parvana and her family (characters in a book we read) will be allowed to walk freely without accompaniment or concealment. Also, that they could have the same rights and privileges men have today.
  • We have a dream that all refugees from around the world who live in crowded camps where there is scarcely any food, of all skin colors and races, will be able to find new homes, make new families and live their lives at last.
  • We have a dream that all of the people who live in the vicinity of these camps will open up to these people and help them through this tough time, all the while helping them rebuild their lives.
There was an issue a few decades back where there was segregation and discrimination across America. White and colored people were separated on buses, playgrounds, schools, and even water founds. After long years of time and effort, Martin Luther King, Jr. was able to help put an end to this. He spoke to thousands and led marches and boycotts and even won the Nobel Peace Prize. He is one of the reasons why this country is the way it is today. Sadly, at age 39, he was shot on his hotel balcony. Now, every third Monday of January, we take a day to honor all he has done for this country.

Submitted by Izzy & Paige

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