Friday, February 12, 2016

What's so great about Friday, February 12th?

We've made it to the 100th day of the school year. For students in grades K-4, 
this is a BIG deal.   

Today students in grades K-4 will mix it up. Small multi-age groups visit a variety stations and work on projects that incorporate 100 in creative ways. These stations may include math, literacy, art or movement.   

Kelci and Chris, Kieve EIR's (that stands for educators in residence) have prepared a new after school activity schedule.  The links below will give you the information you'll need to know about dates and activities. Use these links to sign up for one or more afternoons. This program is free to our students!
Perhaps you've read in this week's LC News about Lincoln Academy's fundraiser for the John Bowers Field project. Our school would like to purchase a brick (or two). If you want to help but do not have the full $100/brick to spend, we will accept a smaller donation to the "NCS Student Activity Account" toward the purchase of a Nobleboro Students brick. Or, if you prefer to make a larger, personal gift, the necessary forms are now available at our office.

A reminder to students in grades 3-6:   Bikes for books--our reading incentive program--is in full swing and will end on March 18.   Keep reading during vacation to be eligible for the drawings!  You could win a bike!

Cardinals in Winter
Our vacation break is about to begin. We hope your family will enjoy some fun winter time together and return to school on February 22 feeling refreshed. 

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