Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Fall Sports--Junior High Students

Although there are plenty of summer days ahead of us, it is time to start thinking about back to school and even before that fall sports will begin!  If your child is interested in participating in fall sports, read on for details about schedules and start dates. 

Coed Soccer at Nobleboro Central School - Grades 6-8

The new coach for  NCS Coed Soccer is Richard Burns.  He has set a preseason schedule to begin on Wednesday, August 19th at 5:00 p.m.  Please refer to the school calendar on our homepage for the preseason practice schedule, as well as game schedule.

Field Hockey at Great Salt Bay School - Grades 6-8

NCS does not offer field hockey, but students are invited to play at Great Salt Bay School in Damariscotta.  Students can ride our bus to GSB in the afternoons for practices. Parents should plan to pick them up at GSB after practice. Occasionally, students may need to arrange a ride to GSB early for away games, on occasions when our bus cannot deliver students there on time.  Practice and game schedules should be posted soon on the GSB website under Sports.   The field hockey coach is not known at this time; they are in the process of hiring a new one.

Cross Country at Great Salt Bay School - Grades 5-8

NCS does not offer a cross country program, so students are invited to participate through Great Salt Bay School.   The team practices at the DRA and students are able to ride the bus to Great Salt Bay after school.  Practice and meet schedules should be posted soon on the GSB website under Sports.   The coach for Cross Country is Joel Russ.

FORMS - Very important - Please Read

Any student planning to participate in sports at NCS or GSB must have a current physical (within 2 years) on file at their school before they can participate. Additionally, all participants must have the athletic documents filled out through Powerschool (a/k/a infosnap). These forms include Parent/Player Participation form, the Health History form and Concussion Form. We anticipate that these forms will be ready for completion online shortly before the season begins.  You should watch for correspondence/emails to parents about completing the "summer pack" information online.   For NCS, we expect this will be available to you beginning August 15.

Please contact Michelle York, NCS Athletic Director with any questions you have about the upcoming fall sports season.   If you have specific questions related to field hockey or cross country, you may email or call Jason Adickes, GSB Athletic Director at jadickes@aos93.org or 563-3091.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your summer!

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