Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Welcome to March at NCS!

Looking ahead, here are some of the highlights and reminders that may be of interest to your family:

Grade 3 missed a skating session last week. We'll try to make that up. In the meantime, they'll be skating again on Wednesday, March 4.

Dave & Zoe, Kieve's Educators in Residence, will continue After School Activities at NCS for a few more weeks. Dave and Zoe will be here through March 20th. It's a pleasure to have Dave and Zoe at our school for several months. Signups for After School Activities are on our website under the "Forms and Signups" tab.  Or, you can get there from here: 
It's rather hard to believe this, but local Little Leaguers are confident that spring is coming this year. If your children would like to participate in T-ball, Farm Team or Little League, signups are this month--next week, in fact. The signups for Nobleboro residents, ages 4-12, are Wednesday, March 11 or March 18th, 5-7pm.  

Grades 3, 5, 6 and 7 will visit FARMS Community Kitchen at Rising Tide in the coming weeks for hands-on cooking lessons. It's a treat for students to occasionally venture out into the community and learn in a different setting. NPTO's generosity means trips like this are possible.

This month parents and volunteers will be busy taking care of the details to ensure that Nobleboro Nonsense is a successful and fun evening (April 10th). If you'd like to help with Nobleboro Nonsense, plan to attend the next NPTO meeting on March 11. It's at 6pm in the library.

Two special music festivals will take place in March: The 6th grade Honors Music Festival is Friday, March 6th.   We have several 6th grade students attending.  Also, NCS band students will join other AOS 93 bands for a day long event on Monday, March 16. The AOS 93 Music Festival is at Lincoln Academy. Students return to LA that evening for an amazing district wide band performance.

Our Geography Bee winner, Mara (grade 8), has qualified for the Maine National Geographic State Bee to be held on March 27.  Congratulations, Mara!!!

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